Potion Bottle Amulet Charm with Gemstone Chips

$16.00 - $38.00
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Unleash your inner alchemist with our enchanting mini glass potion bottle charm, brimming with sparkling gemstone chips that promise to add a pinch of magic to your day!

Each glass bottle contains a hand selected high quality gemstone chip beads. The bottle can be opened and the beads can be used in a special beading or craft projects.

The bottles come packed on a short golden cord and accompanied by a card with a gemstone descriptions/meaning on the back. The golden cord that the charm comes with is for display purposes only or for hanging it as an ornament/talisman.

If you wish to wear the charm as a necklace, you can combine it with our Nylon Cord Necklace for Charms, which is available in many beautiful colors. We recommend the cord necklace in 22" length, because after you attach your Potion Charm to the cord necklace, the length will be approximatelly 16" long. The Nylon Cord Necklace for Charms can be purchased HERE.

The bottle measures 27mm x 16mm.

Please note, that the bottle is made from a glass, which makes the talisman fragile and should be handled with care, specially if worn as a necklace.

Never wear the charm when going to sleep, exercising or taking a shower. If you take a good care of your Gemstone Potion Charm, it should last you a long time and will bring you a good luck.



BALTIC AMBER - Healing Power | Clean Body, Mind and Spirit | Good Luck Charm

APATITE - Wisdom, Intuition, Communication

ETHIOPIAN OPAL - Love, Compassion, Peace

IOLITE - Connection, Intuition, Awareness

TSAVORITE - Intuition, Prosperity, Emotional Healing

TURQUOISE - Protection, Growth, Love

YELOW OPAL - Positivity, Emotional Stability, Growth