Onyx Crystal Stalactite Candle

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If you love geodes, crystals or nature you can’t help but fall in love with this candle. Its crystal sides sparkle like gemstones while its top seems carved from dazzling natural agates.

The designers pushed the limits of candle tech to create a sculptural work of art that is a luminous marvel, then inserted a piece of genuine gemstone to the core to guarantee an authentic bond.

This Onyx Stalactite Candle is paired with Black Oak Current, where lush black currants and rich forest woods are fused with intricate, vibrant notes of amber, balsamic amyris, black pepper, geranium, Clementine, and earthy patchouli. This fragrance oil is deep, rich and sultry - perfect for candles in dark color hues.

Amethyst & Amber candles create a meditative mood of natural beauty and contemplation, and with their striking variation of pattern and texture, the crystal-infused formations can add an unexpected pop of life to any setting.


  • handmade manufacture makes each candle a unique work of art
  • genuine onyx gems embedded in base to focus energies
  • mix of paraffin and soy wax with all-cotton wick for a clean, drip-free burn
  • scented with fragrance oil of black oak current
  • burn time 40+ hours
  • clear wax core to radiate light and energy from within
  • dimensions: 3.5” x 3”
  • weight: 11 oz
  • made in USA